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Works of Freedom Ohio, LLC is a Columbus, Ohio based organization that provides beginner, intermediate and advanced music and songwriting courses and workshops for adults and children ages 8 and up. Our courses are designed to increase personal development and assist individuals in overcoming emotional, academic or behavioral  challenges. We provide a safe and structured environment that inspires creative thinking and positive outward expression.


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S.c.r.A.P. Incentives


Sept. 21st


         June  WINNER
            Cliff Fraley

Beginning in January, the 2021 S.C.R.A.P. for freedom incentives will be awarded as entries into the drawing as follows

SONG COMPLETION - participants will be awarded 5 entries for written songs.  Songs must be started and completed under the guidance of a Works of Freedom instructor.  

COURSE COMPLETION - participants will be awarded 4 entries for the completion of SW 101 and SW 102. 8 entries will be awarded for the completion of SW 103.

REFERRALS - 10 entries will be awarded for each referral.  Referrals must register and complete at least 2 sessions before you can receive these entries.  Anyone can take advantage of the referral incentives whether or not they are a current participant.

ATTENDANCE - participants are awarded 1 entry into the drawing every time they are present and on time for a scheduled session. If late or absent for a scheduled session, the entry for that particular week will be forfeited.  Also, 5 entries will be awarded to those who participate in the monthly group Zoom conference calls.

PREPAYMENTS - participants will receive 4 entries for prepayment of SW 101 and SW 102. 8 entries will be awarded for  prepayment of SW 103. Purchase the course package and receive 20 entries into the drawing.

The 2 participants who earn the most incentives will go head to head in the Monthly Music Matchups.

New site members will receive an automatic entry into the drawing.  Winners will be awarded a pair of collector's item tennis shoes valued at $150 - $300. 


To enroll in a music or songwriting lesson, complete and submit the form below. A Works of Freedom representative will contact you by phone within 24 - 48 hours.

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Please to enroll in Works of Freedom music and/or songwriting lessons. Each lesson is 1 hour and can be scheduled on Monday,Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 3pm - 6pm.  Click on course of interest for more details.  Non-refundable deposits are due before scheduling and installments must be made 24 hours before the start of each lesson. Recording studio is located at 700 Bryden rd. Columbus, Ohio. Performance venue locations will be determined by the instructor.  Please make all payments online.


This 4 week beginners course offers 4 lessons with 1 lesson per week. No experience is required. Topics for songwriting include Introduction to Songwriting, Song Structure, Importance of Content, Music Selection, and Finalizing and Sharing your Music. Topic